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Our Mission

As a retail investor, I enjoy reading about new investment opportunities and companies I would have never have heard of! I spent hours combing through Seeking Alpha, Barron’s, and Motley Fool to find nuggets of useful information. However, I felt something wasn’t right. I felt like the articles were either purely clickbait (Motley), you’d get article overload (Barron’s), or you’d get so far in the muck you’d lose your way and potentially end up lost (Seeking Alpha). Not to call anyone out or anything.

This is why I created Fundasy Investor. I wanted to create articles that were profitable, enjoyable, and informational for the readers! After starting in February 2020, I would say that we have managed to do just that. Read below to see the results for our first year in operation.

Fundasy’s Track Record for 2020

Fundasy Stock PickDateStock Pick’s ReturnS&P500 Return
All of the results above are the stock/S&P 500 performance from the publishing date to the end of 2020. Also in my defense, Rimini in the first five days of the new year jumped 35%…

We’re looking to provide quality stock picks, entertaining content, and maybe even teach some things along the way! Since we don’t post often, the best way to stay in contact is to subscribe (100% free) for free email alerts. This blog was founded to provide quality limited content, so if you subscribe you will only be contacted with new financial information!

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