Great Moments and Great Opportunities

I have something to say.

Investors need to live for these moments. The decisions you make in the next few months will largely decide the returns you receive for the next few years. These are big moments.

The Soviet Hockey team shaped like a microscopic virus is staring us down. It beat us the first round. A twenty five percent pullback isn’t nothing.

As of this moment, I’m watching Miracle and I’m seeing Americans struggling to get gas for their cars. I see Americans in the middle of a cold war (not just on the ice). I see Americans going through the worst of times. Maybe times…they don’t think they’ll make it through.

“I say, oh yeah, life goes on Long after the thrill of living is gone. Now walk on.”

John Mellencamp

Americans are struggling now. Personally, I’m getting energized, and I’m about to strap on my helmet, grab my hand sanitizer, and responsibility stay five feet away from everyone!

Now..I’m going to italize this so you all know I’m serious.

You should not be less tempted to buy stocks now, after a 25% market decline than when they were at astronomical valuations!! Why in Ricky Bobby’s name would Buffett be sitting in $125 billion, in cash, this whole time? Do you think he’s going to sit on the side line and saying…I suppose I’ll wait for the next disaster. This virus is too dangerous to ever buy stocks at a discount!”

Go out, find the stocks that you want. Wait till the time is right, you’ll know. This is one of those big opportunities. Now go out and take it.

Holy mackerel, I’m ready to run through a wall. Subscribe damn it.

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