Will the Market Rise on the Third Day?

Happy Good Friday! Don’t know if that’s the proper way to address the day. However, some people have a job to do. That’s why I’m here, slaving away. In an effort to provide the content that people need this quarantined Easter season: how to make money and entertainment.

The goal has been established. Now, the question is to establish if the market will go up in correspondence with Jesus this Easter.

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Covid’s 40 Day Trading Journey

On March 17th, Covid began its journey to Easter. The market took a hit after Covid said it would destroy the world through quarantine and rebuild it in 3 days with opening the economy again. Investors don’t like that kind of uncertainty. The market took a 35% hit.

Since then, miracles have been performed. Ears have been reattached, dolphins have returned to Venice, and the government mails people money for sitting on their couches.

It makes you question whether Covid or humanity is the real disease. Agent Smith said it best.

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I digress.

Buyers have been flocking to the market with the market rising approximately 25% since the lows. It’s hard to create a parallel for this.. but wait a second. The market dropped at the beginning of the 40 days and it’s been rising ever since when the people on Capital Hill (the High Temple) have been conspiring against Covid with stimulus packages and liquidity.

A relationship emerges.

Pepe Silvia | Know Your Meme
It all comes together
    • The city rejoices on Jesus coming, positive action
    • Covid enters cities around the world, stocks go down 35%
    • The pharisees plot a plan in the Temple, negative action
    • The representatives plot a Stimulus package on Capital Hill, stocks go up 25%
    • Jesus rises on the 3rd Day, positive reaction
    • Do stocks go up or down??

***In the pursuit of a perfect analogy, I might have taken some.. artistic liberties

As you can clearly see, the Covid journey is exactly inverse to the Christian Lent journey. With this correlation, we as the learnt people can infer that the stock market reaction will be the opposite of rising on the 3rd day, which is traditionally considered positive.

Based on rock-solid religious technical analysis, when the rock is moved from the tomb on Sunday, all hell will break loose on Monday.

Thank you.

Please don’t actually trade based on religious technical analysis. It’s still a developing field. Also, please subscribe and stay tuned for the Ramadan edition that goes from April 23rd till May 23rd. (Hint: it involves trading when the sun isn’t up)

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