A Fundasy Track Record

Fundasy Investor hasn’t had a new stock pick in a while (almost a month!). However, I didn’t receive the name “Picky Picker” by walking into the bar and walking up to just anyone.

I walk into the bar and look for a company with the most assets, the most promising future, and the one with the best personality. A company that can payoff big in the short term and the long term.

I’ve got my eye on a few promising leads at the moment. But with the recent market performance, I want to wait till a more promising buying opportunity arises to let my readers know.

The date on the S&P 500 index is the last new stock pick that Fundasy released. Notice the market has been trading level since then. We try to avoid posting new articles when a big drop is on the horizon and the stock picks can’t perform well for the investors. Anyone can say that though. Here’s the results to show we care about our readers.

Stock Pick Performances vs S&P 500

CompanyDate ReleasedFundasy Stock PerformanceS&P 500 Performance
IIPR2/6/20-18.5% -11.7%
BIPC4/17/20+15.3% +2.8%
None of these values include dividends

A few comments. Fundasy Investor has beat the market on four out of five picks. Also, the articles for IIPR and ANET include conclusions that it would be prudent to wait for a pullback.

IIPR: “To finish up, IIPR is a great company with a focused way to grow and make more money. It isn’t exactly a bargain at its current price after a 25% plus run up, so if there’s any 10% plus pull backs in the near future it wouldn’t be a terrible place to start a position.” Article Post here.

ANET: “If the price goes to the $180-190 range sometime in 2020, the price to cash flow would be around 15 (based on 2019 cash flows), not including any buybacks or the $2.7 billion in cash. If it gets to around 180 a share in the next year, it would definitely be worth considering opening a position.” Article Post here. Arista Network’s stock price is now at $220 a share…22% gain from $180 a share, which it hit March 12th.

The point is… I don’t post click bait. Fundasy Investor is not the Motley Fool. I haven’t posted a stock pick for the last month, because I want to provide my subscribers with valuable content.

Results speak for themselves. Now Fundasy Investors, let’s go kill the rest of 2020! While you’re at it, tell one or two people about the platform to help your friends make money. Don’t be a selfish SOB.

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