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NEW VIDEO: Auto Partner Pitch Presentation!

Published: March 12th, 2023

Following the post over Auto Partner that was released this past month, @Oscar100_X reached out on Twitter and asked if I wanted to put together a YouTube video over this holding! This video will cover many of the same points from my previous post but I know many readers might prefer a more conversational format to multi-task while in the gym, surfing Twitter, or any other activity.

During this presentation I covered the following: 

  1.  (0-4min): Introduction and Agenda
  2. (4-13min): Distributor Business Models and Examples: $POOL, $WSO, $SITE, $GWW, $FERG.
  3. (13-17min): Auto Partner’s Business Model
  4. (17- 23min): Auto Partner’s Strategy and Fundasy’s Supplementary Materials
  5. (23-40min): Growth Analysis and Drivers – top line growth drivers, margin analysis and drivers
  6.  (40-58min): Valuation and Expected Return Analysis
I know this is not my typical post format but if any of the above seems intriuging to you, feel free to watch/share/like this post from Oscar!

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